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Fast Pitch SoftballWelcome to the NEW Pitch2Fast website.

We experienced some issues with the old site and needed to step back and rebuild.  All previously registered logins will have to be redone.   Sorry for the inconvenience.   Please go to the registration page and reestablish your login.

Pitch2Fast is still dedicated to the promotion of girls fastpitch softball and looking forward to the 2021 season. Our intent is to facilitate the communication of fastpitch softball related information between organizations, coaches, parents and players. Pitch2Fast offers fastpitch softball news, tournament listings and results, discussion forums, messaging capabilities, and more. Pitch2Fast offers to be the true definitive resource for girls fastpitch softball.

This site is completely free and gives you access to other areas of the site that are interactive in ways such as posting discussion topics and replies.  If you would like to help keep the website active and up-to-date, please consider making a small donation.  

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at contact@pitch2fast.com.


  1. User access requests is reviewed at least once a day for new users. If it has been more than 24 hours since you submitted your request, please contact us at registration@pitch2fast.com.
  2. You need to select your region for posting.  Topics can not be posted under the main Florida or Georgia tabs. You can post under more than one region or under the General forum in each state.
  3. If you want to have another state added to the forums, please contact us at forumsp2f@pitch2fast.com
  4. The forums are for post team, training and player information only.  Advertising products or services is not allowed.  If you wish to advertise please contact us via email at advertisep2f@pitch2fast.com.

Thank you for your interest in the Pitch2Fast forums. 

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